Sankalp Restaurant
Jain (No Onion - No Garlic) | Vegetarian | Non-Vegetarian



Hot and sour South Indian soup prepared with tomatoes.

$ 4

Diced vegetable mixed with yogurt.

$ 2.75
Vegetable Salad

Slice of fresh vegetable served on a plate.

$ 3
Tomato Soup

Tomato soup served with croutons.

$ 4


Masala Boondi

Fried lentil balls with onion, tomatoes and special masala.

$ 4.25
Vegetable Upma

Healthy snack make from semolina and mix vegetables.

$ 5.45
Telangana Aloo

Spicy tangy potato wedges tossed in a special masala.

$ 5.45
Chips 'N' Chips

French fries with cheese / malgapodi / plain.

$ 5
Mirchi Pakora

Double Fried Cut Chilli Fritters with masala.

$ 5
Mini Samosas

Papad with onion, tomatoes, coriander and special masala

$ 5
Papad (Roasted / Fried)

Papad with onion, tomatoes, coriander and special masala.

$ 2.25
Masala Papad

Papad with onion, tomatoes, coriander and special masala.

$ 2.5
Lamb Pepper Fry

A dry mutton and coconut preparation.

$ 12
Chemmeen Porichathu

Prawns tossed in spicy keralian masala.

$ 13
Kozhi Sukka

Pepper tempered chicken

$ 12
Chicken 65

Hot and spicy, deep-fried chicken.

$ 6.5


Steamed Idli / Mini Idli / Ras

Rice cakes served steaming hot.

$ 4.75
Nei ldli

Idli tossed with pure ghee (Available in Mini Idli or Regular Idli).

$ 4.95
Thayir ldli

Fried pieces of rice cake in sweet/salted yogurt.

$ 4.75
Idli Vada Combo

A combination of rice cake with fried lentil doughnuts.

$ 5
Vaghar ldli

Little idli tossed in special masala.

$ 4.75
Fried Idli

Little fried pieces of idli

$ 4.95
Masala Vegetable Rice Cakes

Tangy mini rice cakes flavored with garden fresh tomato puree

$ 4.95
Podi Rice Cakes

Pieces of little idlis tossed in malgapodi

$ 4.95
Chettinad Rice Cakes

Spicy little idlis tossed in chettinad gravy.

$ 4.95
Nilgiri Rice Cakes

Mint flavored mini rice cakes.

$ 4.95
Cheese Idli

Fried idli with Cheese

$ 5.95


Medu Vada / Rasam Vada

Deep fried lentil doughnuts served with indian Spicy Soup

$ 4.75
Thayir Vada

Vada in sweet / salted yogurt

$ 4.95


Paneer Tikka

Chunks of cottage cheese, marinated in curd and Indian herbs.

$ 8.95
Vegetable Seekh Kabab

Mixed vegetable and potato spiced and skewered- barbecue.

$ 7.95
Hara Bhara Kabab

Deep fried Spinach and roasted Bengal gram, blended with Indian herbs and spices, shaped in a patty and deep fried.

$ 7.95
Gobi Tikka

Caulifower marinated in curd and indian spices.

$ 7.95
Tandoori Chicken

Traditional tandoori chicken marinated in curd and special spices, served half or full.

$ 15
Murg Tikka

Succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated with spiced red chili paste and curd.

$ 12
Boti Kabab

Tender pieces of lamb marinated with curd and Indian Spices.

$ 14
Tandoori Jhinga

Shrimps marinated with curd and spices served with chutney.

$ 15
Tawa Fried Fish

Sautéed fish marinated with curd.

$ 14
Tandoori Fish Tikka

Salmon Fish pieces marinated in curd and Indian spices.

$ 14


Veg Tandoori Sizzler

Assortment of veg kabab and tikkas served on a sizzler plate.

$ 13
Non-veg Tandoori Sizzler

Assortment of barbecued delicacies of chicken, lamb, shrimp and fish.

$ 15


Butter Naan

Butter Naan - Indian Breads.

$ 2
Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan - Indian Breads

$ 2.5
Cheese Naan

Cheese Naan - Indian Bread.

$ 3.25
Chilli Naan

Chilli Naan - Indian Bread.

$ 2.5
Tawa Chapati (Plain / Butter)

Tawa Chapati (Plain / Butter) - Indian Bread.

$ 2.5
Malbari Paratha

Malbari Paratha - Indian Bread.

$ 2.95

Soft leavened fried Indian bread made with flour.

$ 2.95
Set Dosa

Set Dosa - Indian Bread.

$ 2.5


Plain Dosa / Masala Dosa

Crispy tastier & favorite dosa served plain or with potato masala.

$ 8.5
Onion Dosa

Dosas with chopped onion & garlic Chatni with raw or sautéed onions

$ 8.75
Super Paper Dosa

The Crispy Dosa.

$ 9.75
Mysore Masala Dosa

Spicy dosa with coriander & garlic chatni.

$ 8.75
Nilgiri Special Dosa

The mint flavored dosa.

$ 8.75
Nilgiri Onion Dosa

Minty dosa with raw or sautéed onions.

$ 8.75
Cheese Dosa

Dosa with a generous helping of cheese.

$ 9.75
Cheesy Spring Dosa

Special Spring chutney with cheese and raw vegetables.

$ 10.5
Military Ghee Roast Dosa

Special masala filling dosa roasted in pure ghee.

$ 10.5
Chettinad Spicy Dosa

A spicy dosa with a filling of fresh vegetable prepared in chettinad style.

$ 10.5
Keerai Cheese Garlic Dosa

The spinach and cheese dosa with a tinge of garlic.

$ 10.5
Podi Dosa

Paper dosa with malgapodi on the layer.

$ 9.5
Paneer Dosa

Dosa with a filling of spicy paneer.

$ 10.5
Dosa Platter

Platter contaning miniature versions of chettinad, Sp. Indian Bhaji and paneer dosa.

$ 11.95
4 ft. Dosa

4 ft. Dosa.

$ 18
Crisp 'N' Crunchy Rava

Dosa made from semolina flour.

$ 10.5
Onion Rava

Rava dosa with sliced onions in the layer.

$ 10.95
Udipi Rava

Rava with grated carrot and beet in the layer.

$ 10.95
Special Indian Bhaji Dosa

Chef's special.

$ 10.5
Chettinad Express

Minced chicken in chettinad spice & stuffed in your dosa.

$ 12.5
Lamb Dosa

Dosa stuffed of minced mutton in spinach gravy.

$ 12.5
Egg Dosa

Your favorite egg keema stuffed in your dosa.

$ 12


Create Your Own Uttapam / Plai

Select from: Onion / Tomato / Carrot / Beet / Mix Vegetable.

$ 9.25
Tomato Masala Uttapam / Tomato

A delicacy chefs secretive recipe.

$ 9.75
Panchvarna Mini Uttapam

Assortment of five different types of indian pancakes.

$ 10.25
Cheese Chilli Uttapam

Panacake with lots and lots of chesse.

$ 9.75
Pizza Uttapam

Crispy Uttapam that tastes like a pizza.

$ 10.5


Paneer Bhurji

Semi dry greated preparation of cottage cheese along with capsicum, and tomatoes.

$ 10.95
Paneer Kadai

Batons of cottage cheese, onion, tomatoes and capsicum tossed in tomato gravy.

$ 10.95
Paneer Tikka Masala

Barbecued cottage cheese with capsicum and onion pieces simmered in tomato gravy.

$ 10.95
Palak Paneer

Mildly spiced cottage cheese preparation in spinach and onion gravy.

$ 10.95
Paneer Butter Masala

Cottage Cheese cooked in rich creamy, tomato gravy.

$ 10.95
Malai Kofta

Creamy and rich preparation with cottage cheese dumplings.

$ 10.95
Navratna Korma

Assorted seasonal vegetables, fruits and dry fruit, simmered in saffron flavored cashew gravy.

$ 11.95
Vegetable Jaipuri

Mixed vegetables and roasted papad, simmered in cashews & brown gravy.

$ 9.95
Vegetable Jalfrazee

Fresh vegetables, onion, capsicum, and tomatoes cooked in aromatic spices.

$ 9.95
Vegetable Kholapuri

Cubes of fresh vegetables and shredded cottage cheese cooked in tomato gravy enriched with butter and cream, flavored with fenugreek leaves.

$ 9.95
Vegetable Hara Masala

Mixed vegetables cooked in spinach gravy and spices.

$ 10.95
Diwani Handi

Mixed vegetables simmered in brown gravy with spinach and touch of mint.

$ 10.95
Chana Masala

Chick Peas prepared with cubes of potatoes in brown and tomato gravies.

$ 8.95
Chettinad Kurma

South Indian Spicy chettinad styled mixed vegetable.

$ 9.5
Aloo Mutter

The Potatos and Green peas cooked in Indian gravy.

$ 8.5
Butter Chicken Masala

Boneless chicken curry cooked with tomato gravy and cream.

$ 12.95
Kadai Murg

Boneless pieces of chicken with julienne onion, capsicum and tomatoes, flavored with coriander seeds and ginger.

$ 12.95
Chicken Tikka Masala

Tandoor roasted chunks of chicken in a spicy sauce.

$ 12.95
Chicken Jalfrazee

Boneless pieces of Chicken with onions and tomato cooked in semi brown and tomato gravy.

$ 12.95
Murg Haramasala

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with Spinach.

$ 13.95
Chicken Chettinadu

Spicy aromatic spring chicken chettinad style.

$ 12.95
Milagu Curry (Chicken / Mutton

Tossed in malabari pepper masala.

$ 12.95
Rogan Josh

Lamb cooked in Kashmiri spices and herbs.

$ 16.95
Boti Kabab Masala

Boneless pieces of lamb with onion, capsicum and tomatoes, flavored with coriander seeds and ginger.

$ 16.95
Gosht Palak

Tender lambs cooked in fresh spinach gravy.

$ 13.95
Royyala Vepudu

Prawns cooked in authentic curry masala.

$ 15.95
Egg Masala Curry

Boiled eggs cooked in chettinad spicy gravy.

$ 11.95
Madras Fish Curry

Onion gravy with tamarind pulp with coconut milk.

$ 13.95


Dal Makhni

Black lentil beans simmered in creamy gravy sautéed.

$ 8.5
Dal Tadka

Yellow lentils flavored with garlic and mustard seeds.

$ 8.5


Steamed Rice

Steamed Rice.

$ 5
Jeera Rice

Plain Rice or flavored Cumin Rice.

$ 5.75
Curd Rice

Curd Rice - Vegetarian Rice.

$ 7.5
Bisi Bela Bhath

Coconut flavored rice and lentil preparation served with popadum.

$ 7.5
Veg. Biryani

Veg biryani served with pachdi.

$ 9
Vegetable Pulao

Mix vegetable rice with spices or Add Cheese for $1.00 Extra).

$ 8
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani.

$ 14
Gosht Biryani

Gosht Biryani - Non Vegetarian Rice.

$ 14
Prawns Biryani

All Biryani served with Raita.

$ 14